When it comes to construction work, the type of earthmoving equipment that you choose to complete a job has a huge effect on the entire project. There are many different types of earthmoving equipment, some of which are similar to one another such as wheel loaders and excavators. Read all about the differences between wheel loaders and excavators below:


Wheel loaders

Wheel loaders have incredibly powerful features that can be used to complete jobs: rear and front axles. Both of these features are able to carry heavy metals with ease. They are used to dig up and remove any debris such as rubble rocks and soil and relocate it to another area on site. They can also be used to load goods and materials for the site, transporting it between machines or directly onto the site. Wheel loaders are the perfect choice in terms of its precision when handling materials. These machines can be used to ensure operations on site happen efficiently.



Much like the wheel loader, an excavator is used to dig up rocks, soil and other debris. They can be used to move heavy materials, dig trenches and so much more, improving the sites overall productivity and efficiency. This is due the fact that excavators not only move rubble, but they move large amounts of rubble at one time, clearing the area to allow other machines to complete their jobs quickly. These machines are often used in industries such as the construction industry and the mining industry in order to help build roads, building, clear mines of debris and more.