Rondebult Construction Machines offers a distinct range of construction machines that can be incorporated into vast operations in construction, industrial and mining applications. We have a reliable market presence across all major cities in South Africa, Zimbabwe and other African countries.

Excavators have individual components with the ability to dig out large quantities of debris or even materials for the core purpose of construction operations. An excavator is used in conjunction with hydraulic capacities that consist of a boom, dipper, bucket and cab which rotates on a platform. The excavator can be used to remove large objects and can be beneficial to construction operations.

The streamlined efficiencies of using an excavator is better manoeuvrability, lower risk of pollution and lighter footprint on the environment. The machine specifications of excavators available from Rondebult Construction Machines include operating weight distributions, length, and width and height customisations specific to the individual operation. The ground pressure and grade-ability percentage is also customised according to the power transmission of the machine.

There are individual components of the power transmission which can include the maximum travel speed, main drive capacities, steering clutch and steering brakes.

Skid steer loaders are predominantly utilised in applications for excavation and grading as well as debris removal to overhead work. The rigid frame and strong wheel bearings prevents the forces from skidding on the floor. A skid steer loader can be more compact in nature as it is light and manoeuvrable with the arms attached to a range of tools for construction and landscaping capacities.

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