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Motor Grader

The Rondebult Motor Grader comes with a high power Cummins turbocharged and inter-cooled diesel engine. The grader is equipped with a hydrodynamic torque converter and transmission gearbox with ZF technology. The Machine is electro-hydraulically controlled for easy operation and the rear axle is a three-section drive axle specially-designed for the grader and equipped with a no- spin differential. The Hydraulic system is a double-pump, dual-circuit open system making it very stable and reliable. The operators’ cabin is equipped with a top-mounted air conditioner, MP3 player and a durable seat. The grader’s design is streamlined, ensuring easy maintenance and heat dissipation.


- Low Noise & Compact
- Electro-hydraulic controls for easy operation
- Hydraulic Braking System
- Air conditioner
- Spacious ROPS.FOPS cabin
- Easy maintenance & outstanding After Sales services

Product Range:

- RB418 Motor Grader
- RB422 Motor Grader
Motor Graders - RB418 | RB422

Motor Grader RB418 | RB422 Specifications Catalogue