A forklift is an incredibly useful piece of equipment, especially in the construction and building industry. This equipment is used frequently because of how useful it is and how quickly it can complete a job. Its constant use could lead to excessive wear and tear on the forklift. Regulating maintaining your forklift will expand its lifespan and ensure that it is always operating at optimal conditions. Here are three essential tips in maintaining your forklift.

Do regular tyre checks

The tyres of your forklift are highly important. Check the pressure in the tyres routinely to avoid poor traction which could result in accidents. The tyres will also affect how the gas is being used within the forklift. Ensuring that they aren’t over-inflated either is important because this could result in the tyres blowing out causing major damage to your forklift. Weekly tyre inspections to ensure that the tyres are inflated properly will keep your forklift operating optimally. 

Oil Changes 

There are many fluids within a forklift to keep it running and operating smoothly. As with your car it’s important to change the oil within the forklift regularly. Clean oil will improve the forklift’s overall performance and prevent engine issues. 

Regularly check the anti-freeze levels

Before using your forklift make sure you check the antifreeze level. Antifreeze keeps the temperature of the elements and engine constant. Without the antifreeze, the forklift runs the risk of overheating or freezing. Leaks in the radiator can also reduce these levels. 

These are only a few of the steps that can be taken to maintain your forklift. Failing to maintain your forklift can be highly consequential.